Strains · July 8, 2021 0


The Rockstar Cannabis Strain

While not to be confused with its related strains, the Rockstar (70 percent indica/30 percent sativa) is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was produced through a cross of the famous Rock Bud X Sensi Star varieties.

Strong-hitting effects, fueled by an average THC concentration of 14-19 percent, are characteristic of the Rockstar high, which does not include the drowsiness that is normally associated with an indica parent. The Rockstar high begins with a cerebral head rush a few minutes after inhaling, and it leaves you feeling elevated and incredibly cheerful, with active inclinations and drive to do things.

The powerful head high will gradually give way to a creeping body buzz that will leave you utterly relaxed in every single muscle. You will be helplessly couch-locked and in a state of absolute pleasure as this powerful head high grows.

Despite its tremendous muscle-relaxing effects, Rockstar will not, to your surprise, put you to sleep in the least. It is said that Rockstar is particularly effective in the treatment of chronic pain, muscular spasms or tremors, inflammation, and mild to severe depression as a result of these potent effects.

With a scent of spiced grapey earth and a tinge of skunky pungent herbs, this bud has a taste of spiced mulled wine, with an exhale that is pungent and slightly skunky in flavour.