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Grapefruit Diesel

The Grapefruit Diesel Cannabis Strain

Despite the fact that Grapefruit Diesel is a hybrid strain that is often indica-dominant, it typically produces a concentrated cerebral high that is more generally associated with sativas in the majority of consumers. It’s not difficult to figure out where this one comes from genetically: its parents are Grapefruit and NYC Diesel.

When growing, these plants exhibit more of their indica characteristics, remaining short and branchy and blooming after 8 weeks. Occasionally, the blooms of Grapefruit Diesel will have traces of pink coloration and a strong scent of overripe citrus fruit to them.

With THC concentrations ranging between 15 and 20 percent, the effects should be just as potent as the smell. The euphoric high comes on quickly, but it gradually fades away over a period of time.