Strains · July 8, 2021 0


The Gas Cannabis Strain

This strain, Gas, was developed by the renowned breeder Loompa in the notorious Platinum Clouds farms in San Jose, California, and is one hundred percent pure indica.

As a result of breeder secrecy, the genetics of this dank bud are unknown, however it is generally acknowledged that it is most likely an OG Kush phenotypic variation. With a relatively high THC content that runs from 16-19 percent on average, gas provides the user with a distinct lemony pine aroma and flavour that lingers in the mouth after exhaling, as well as a trace of diesel.

With thick compact bright neon green nugs with gold patches and a sprinkling of tiny flaming orange hairs and translucent trichomes, this strain is a standout in its class. User reports describe a calming, warming, and relaxing body high that begins almost immediately and travels slowly and steadily from the back of the head and spine to the rest of the body in gradual numbing waves.

This body high will leave you fully calm, pain-free, and thoroughly chilled for the rest of the day.

You will go into a deep and restful slumber that is free of discomfort and lasts for hours at a time.

Gas is considered to be a great strain for treating patients suffering from diseases such as nausea, appetite loss, minor instances of depression, and sleep problems, such as insomnia and night terrors, as a result of its powerful effects.