Strains · July 8, 2021 0

Dutch Passion Haze

The Haze Strain from Dutch Passion

Dutch Haze by Dutch Passion is a 90 percent sativa-dominant strain that was developed for Haze enthusiasts all over the world.

Dutch Haze was “born” in 2009, the result of hundreds of Haze plants and several years of breeding both American Haze and Dutch Haze genetics in quest of the optimal phenotype. Dutch Haze is a hybrid of American Haze and Dutch Haze genetics. The scent of this strain is spicy, with notes of citrus, earth, and tropical fruit in the background.

The stalks grow tall and dense, and the flowers bloom for an average of roughly 10 weeks on average. Dutch Haze provides users with a powerful mental energy boost that is uplifting and creative in nature, which may assist to take the edge off of boring activities while also boosting one’s disposition.