How to buy cannabis online at Cryptonia

Get yourself a copy of the Tor browser by downloading it from here and then installing it.

Open up Tor and once it is up and running, point it at this link: (this will redirect to a long .onion address)

If for any reason this link does not work please try one from the list of alternatives at the end of this article.

The link will take you to Cryptonia, a dark market where we can find somebody called ‘Radarbreeder’ an extremely trusted and reliable supplier of cannabis. Prices start at around £35 for an eighth. He sells weed, hash, oils and edibles.

It’s probably a good idea to buy your Bitcoin before you begin this process, as buying the Bitcoin itself is often the most time consuming task. Get a wallet like Electrum and head to a popular exchange like Coinbase, LocalBitcoins or Binance. Once you have bought send the funds to your Electrum wallet ready to carry out this quick process:

The Tor link should lead you to a webpage like this:

Now you can create your account. Don’t use any identifiable information to yourself and don’t use emails. You may also want to go to ‘settings’ and change the currency to GBP.

If you click on the ‘products’ link shown above you will then be taken to the main market area where you will have access to the search function on the left hand side as shown below.

Just enter ‘Radarbreeder’ into the box shown and press the search button.

Here you will see a list of products, if you look to the far right hand side to the column marked as ‘vendor’ you will see a link to ‘Radarbreeder’ just click on this to go directly to his profile.

Once on this page you’ll see his full description and feedback etc. You need to then move the mouse to the top right hand corner of the screen where you will see a box, which has a drop down. Go here and then select ‘view vendors listings’.

Having clicked that link you should now be looking at a long list of cannabis products, simply choose the one that you require and click on ‘place order’ you’ll need to select your shipping type. First class is free which is a bonus, many charge for this. See image below.

Once you have placed your order you will then get taken to a screen where you select which payment type you want to use and also give a Bitcoin address for refunds. To do this just go to your wallet’s ‘receive’ section and copy the long address. Enter it in here then press then click on ‘Pay With Bitcoin’

The next screen is where you enter your shipping details. Do not use any false names, use your usual details and then press ‘confirm’.

Once you confirm the order finally, you will be taken to a screen which will show you the Bitcoin address to send your order money to. Ensure that you do this straightaway so that your purchase is picked up OK.

Make sure you set your transaction fee (shown below) to the maximum to ensure you order goes through OK. Orders with low fees will slow things down and may not even go through properly.

That’s it. Now patiently wait for the postman. What could be simpler?

Problems with the above sign up link? Try these:

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